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Another Day in Seattle

Released March 8, 2019

This is the fourth version of “Another Day in Seattle.” I've always liked the phrase “another day in Seattle,” as Seattle is such a great city and the birthplace of some great musical artists. I had an idea to make this version sound something like a Police song, but I don't think that happened. This version turned out to have its rock, its roll, a bossa-nova influenced refrain, and a folksy bridge. On October 19, 2018, I met up with Barrett Nelson and Dan Upright at 25th Street Recording in Oakland, California. I brought steel-string guitar, bass, and string files I had recorded at Uncle Herbs Studio, my home studio, in Lassen County. Gabriel Shepard, the mellow and all-knowing engineer, got the Eames drums set up and miked, and Dan played with the files I had brought. He played perfectly and made insightful suggestions throughout the entire session. Gabriel ran the bass file out through a miked up amp in the big room which produced a really punchy bass sound. Barrett recorded some beautiful nylon-string guitar parts he had developed earlier while playing along to a sketch. You can hear how well-prepared he was. I added a vocal, and Gabriel provided an initial mix of our session. StudioPros created the final mix and mastered the song. I especially like the tempo, the instrumentation, the moody lyrics, and the space we left in the tune.

The Gordon Mayer Trio
Gordon Mayer--Vocal, Steel-String Guitars*, Bass*, and Keyboards*
Barrett Nelson--Nylon-String Guitars
Dan Upright--Drums and Percussion

Recorded at 25th Street Recording, Oakland, California
Gabriel Shepard--Engineer
*Recorded at Uncle Herbs Studio, Lassen County, California
Mixed and Mastered by StudioPros

Rabbit Air

Released March 1, 2019

“Rabbit Air” came about one evening while I was fiddling with the string sounds on my Korg keyboard. I started overdubbing them and realized I had a vague melodic structure. I continued to develop the piece, and it grew into what I think is a complete composition. Obviously, it would sound better with more expensive string sounds, but I’m optimistic listeners can get past that and enjoy the peacefulness "Rabbit Air" exudes.

The Gordon Mayer Orchestra

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Uncle Herbs Studio, Lassen County, California

Video Produced at Rotor and available for viewing on YouTube

We All Will Shine

Released October 1, 2018

I wish I could write songs like John Prine, but I can't. By way of memorable, vivid lyrics and wispy melodies, he writes songs that are distillations of wisdom and humanity. That sure is a gift. Listen to "Hello in There," a song he released when he was twenty-five! That said, "We All Will Shine" is probably as close as I can get. The recording session came about on June 19, 2018, at 25th Street Recording in Oakland, California. I met up with Barrett Nelson, Greg Dood, and Eric Levy. Check out Eric Levy in Night Ranger. Gabriel, the mellow and all-knowing engineer, miked the drums, as the rest of us talked about music and family. Somebody brewed some coffee out in the kitchen. I didn’t have a sketch, so we played the song together live. Gabriel recorded Greg playing drums in the big room, Eric playing the grand piano in Iso 2, and Barrett playing nylon-string guitar in Iso 1. Greg then added bass guitar that was recorded out in the big room through a miked Versatone Pan-o-flex Bass Amp. The guy played both bass and drums on the song. Amazing! Eric overdubbed some fantastic Hammond organ through a Leslie speaker and some whirly keyboard. I added a vocal and a steel-string acoustic track. Months later, Jessica from StudioPros added some fantastic harmonies. I'm indebted to these musicians; it's a great rendition.

Gordon Mayer and His DNoF**
Gordon Mayer--Vocal and Steel-String Guitar
Barrett Nelson--Nylon-String Guitar
Jessica from StudioPros--*Harmony Vocals
Eric Levy--Keyboards
Greg Dood--Bass and Drums

Recorded at 25th Street Recording, Oakland, California
Gabriel Shepard--Engineer
*Recorded and Engineered by StudioPros
Mixed and Mastered by StudioPros
**Dwindling Number of Friends

We'll Get Closer

Released March 1, 2018

First, I need to mention Evan’s vocals. Wow! They are great. I know when I was writing the song I was thinking of Curtis Mayfield. He has always been one of my musical heroes. If you get a chance, listen to the album The Young Mods' Forgotten Story. I wanted the lyrics to have a sense of optimism and an easy-to-remember chorus. Also, I wanted the music to follow a clear path. StudioPros did a wonderful job sticking to the guitar-and-vocal demo I sent them. Finally, I got to work with Kati O'Toole at StudioPros, and her suggestions made for a fantastic collaboration that I've experienced on every StudioPros project.

Gordon Mayer and His Irritable Band
Evan from StudioPros--Vocals

Recorded and Engineered by StudioPros
Mixed and Mastered by StudioPros

When You Remember Me

Released June 1, 2018

This is a song I wrote quite a long time ago. It’s partially based on personal experiences, but there are parts that are made up, as well. Sara sang a great vocal! I had StudioPros create the music to this one because I wanted some old-school horns to produce a big-band feel. Poof! I got my wish.

Gordon Mayer and His Cranky Band
Sara from StudioPros--Vocals

Recorded and Engineered by StudioPros

Mixed and Mastered by StudioPros

Have a Happy Christmastime

Released March 29, 2019

It's a scene from a movie. Adam Driver sits behind the wheel of a beat-up 2002 Honda Civic. He drives down a lighted city street at night. It's Christmastime and snow is falling. He continuously wipes the windshield to keep it clear even though the defroster is on full blast. The defroster in the car sucks. He's heading to what he knows will be a dysfunctional family gathering and thinking about a realization he's recently worked out; there is something deeply positive about Christmas, but there is something significantly negative about it, too. "Have a Happy Christmastime" plays in the background for about 20 seconds. End scene.

Gordon Mayer
Lena from StudioPros--Vocals

Recorded and Engineered by StudioPros

Mixed and Mastered by StudioPros

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